Tres Letras - Three Letters

English translation by Alicia Vogl Sáenz
Illustrations by Jorge Pérez Muñoz
Walrus/Morsa, Barcelona, 2012

“Using words as economically as ever, Zaro tells a big story in fifteen parts. Long ago lovers revisit an interrupted passion. Placed in ordinary settings familiar to them – a hotel room, a café, a city street, a stretch of beach – they move from place to place, reminding, rekindling, and rethinking.

And though told crisply (Zaro says so much in so little words), the poem is beautifully expansive, living outside the bounds of ordinary time whether it be measured in fifteen years, five days, or a few moments. It’s ethereal, very intimate, and quietly heartrending.

Three Letters is also hopeful. Engaging but open ended, it sends the lovers back to respective knowable lives and wholly unwritten futures.”

Patrick Folliard (from the Foreword)