The House of Mae Rim - La casa de Mae Rim

Carayan Press, San Francisco 2009

“In The House of Mae Rim, Mariano Zaro’s poems are like gentle apertures–quiet yet vivid as secrets whispered into the ear by a voice close by, then gone. Often haiku-like in tone and strategy and sometimes in brevity, they appear as sudden visitations: moments unfolding as oracles, experienced with a keen attention.” —Sarah Maclay, from the Foreword

La casa de Mae Rim se precibe como un microcosmos en el que la tradición occidental (desde el romanticismo hasta la vanguardia) y la metáfora concisa de la poesía oriental parecen haberse fundido a la perfección. Mariano Zaro se revela como un un autor con una capacidad para la introspeccion que consigue que el lector, a veces, quede sobrecogido con el poder evocador de un verso brevísimo, justo y preciso.” —Javier Albo, Georgia State University


by Mariana Dietl

Mariano Zaro is like a master calligrapher. Everything his pen touches breathes, twirls and soars, becoming little glow-worms of words that stay with you long after you have stopped seeing them, like a well kept secret. They go deep. They are not easily erasable. They are written with permanent ink.

As in “At the Door,” for instance, one of my favorite poems and a perfect opening for the collection: (…)